Thursday, June 4, 2020

Catholic Kids Bulletin: I switched Email servers...I bet my new post is in the spam folder...

Hi! I updated a MILLION things on my blog this week, so I now have a new email provider.

I just published a new post and if you were already on my email list--you should get an email tonight. Please check your spam/junk folder and tell your email that it's not junk so you'll continue to see emails when new bulletins are ready!

The new email was sent from and the subject was
Help Kids Learn at Mass with Weekly Bulletins | New Bulletin from Catholic Kids

If you need the June here. 

If you want to check out my cute new here. If you need to re-subscribe, there is an email form on the left side of the new page. 

Thanks for being loyal followers and supporting CKB!



  1. It is very difficult to find your Catholic Kids Bulletins. Too many links you have to click through to find them. One link would be a lot easier for everyone. :)


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