February CKB

Hi! I completed the Bulletins for February...almost 2 weeks before you'll need them! Wow--I'm so awesome this week! (Ha...j/k I watched a ton of Netflix this weekend and if I'm working on something at the same time, I feel like less of a slacker).

However, there was a error in the Spanish version of January's bulletin. If you return to HERE and download it again, it's fixed.

Again, thanks for all the donations that I've received so far--you all are awesome!  If you haven't already donated, don't forget to help support the work that goes into these Bulletins. Please donate on the right or buy one of the wonderful Saint Stories that are available. If you can't afford it, no stress-just download the bulletins and teach your kiddos some great Catholic stuff!

Saint John Bosco's feast day is coming up. My high school students read the Saint John Bosco story and loved it. They weren't in the mood to act out all the fun parts (boring high schoolers!) but they still learned about him, and it got them out of their seats and AWAKE!



And...on Google Drive

New Stories! Saint John Bosco and the Biblical Basis for Sacraments

Hi folks!

Thank you so much for everyone who has supported CKB this month! It is amazing to know that the bulletins are being used and appreciated. If you haven't 'donated' please click donate on the right and help support the time and effort that is put into these bulletins.

I also have 2 new scripts ready for you! One is a Saint Story about Saint John Bosco. His feast day is January 31st, so this is a perfect time to teach about this wonderful saint.

The second script covers the scriptural basis for the Sacraments. It includes explanations and citations for all of the Catholic Sacraments.

Both scripts are written at about a 3rd grade reading level, but they would work well with any age of student.

These scripts and a few others are available on Scribd. Just click on the link below to purchase.